Friday, September 19, 2008

Bean watch: Update

Well, last week we knew something we didn't want to share quite yet - there might be more than one bean hiding in there!

Yesterday I returned to get another ultrasound and lo and behold...there sure is.

We got to see both hearts beating and everything! It was beautiful.

You can see more images at this gallery, including the heartbeats, measurements, and what little we saw of baby B last week.


willgirl said...

Dear Baby Squints,

First off,

To the new baby squint, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm your non-aunt Aunt Lindsey. Hi! *waves from Toronto*

Secondly, I hear that you two have been giving your mother some pregnancy brain. All I have to say is go for it!

I completely understand that you are using some weird device to suck the knowledge out of her head and into yours. That's completely fine. You need to be smart babies after all.

(Besides it's making the podcasts very interesting!)

Your word of the week is Tibia. TIII BEE AHHH! Good job!

Just a reminder as well that Bones is on Wednesdays at 8, so give your mom a little break, will ya?


Non Aunt Auntie Lindsey

P.S. Try not to fight. You are both the king/queen of the lab.

Trilyn said...

Heya HUn

I was so happy to get the confirmation yesterday :).. Chris and I will have to drive down with our bean to see you guys.

Jeannie said...

Last week you announced that you are pregnant. This week you announced that you are having twins. How are you going to top this next week? ;-)
Congrats to both of you!

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