Monday, September 8, 2008

Modern Marvels isn't my only Geek Pleasure

Growing up I remember one TV show more than any other - Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sure, we watched Friends, and Frasier, and more, but ST:TNG started earlier in my childhood and I had to fight for viewing rights.

Yes, I fought with my brother to watch it.

He didn't like it, I did. I remember at least one incident where my Dad had to intervene. Seriously, it's ST:TNG time, give it up already!

It's been off the air more than 14 years now, and I've barely seen any episodes since then. This was one of the first shows I remember seeing in movie stores, as available for purchase.


And the entire purchase price was something astronomically ridiculous. Granted, there are nearly 200 episodes, but it was at least a 4 digit total to snag all those tapes. Never happening.

But now we have DVR.

And unlike the A-Team, it's actually syndicated. I set the DVR to catch all episodes, after realizing Sci-Fi shows a couple each Monday night. Well, on a normal Monday. On Labor Day they had 15 hours of ST:TNG and we caught them all.

But we're really not that into constant TV, so we still have only made it through half of them, and tonight it will catch more. But, it's something we both enjoy and, thanks to the DVR, we can watch them at our leisure. It's a lot of fun to rediscover an old favorite, and watch episodes you haven't seen in a decade, or even two.

That does make me feel old though...

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Leedra said...

No comment about the fighting over the TV

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