Saturday, May 7, 2011

Onwards or Sideways?

I tend to be very hard on myself, constantly evaluating whether something is moving me forwards, moving me backwards, or simply moving me sideways. In reality that is probably hard on those around me as well, as my evaluations (remember, hard on myself) are not always accurate.

Blogging, reading, house cleaning..... so many things that truly *are* important are put in either the sideways category, at best.

But those 'sideways' or 'backwards' tasks frequently have vital roles that aren't immediately measurable. If I spend an hour getting my Daily Mail fix I'm in a much better frame of mind to do the things that must be done, or those that I want to do.

Similarly, when I can check off a task like "fix the flipping blog!" then that frees up another little corner of my mind. It seems unimportant, but turns out to feel like a giant leap forward.

Outdated links have been removed, new widgets added, and I've rediscovered a few things about Blogger I hadn't used in more than 6 months.

This, plus a fun trip to the zoo today to celebrate my wonderful little boy's 2nd birthday, do not directly advance my writing but I will be the better, and ready to do the 'work' I love, when I'm done.

I have another 40-50 pages to write on the novel, 60+ to type, and another 25 page short to type as well. Loving this progress!

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# Pieces Written

Scripts - 3

4 if you count re-writing Sleeping Beauty, Hillbilly-style, in High School

Novels- 1 + .1 + .7

Can I count my 14 or so mentally composted story ideas? No? Drat.

Short Stories - 2

I'll say two officially, so far (one of those still needs to be typed up)... I lost at least 2 of my old ones and I've wiped the slate clean.

Poems- 3...4? 42?

I won awards for 3. After that I lost count.