Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Revamping the Cover: One Final Night

Two issues have cropped up since I posted my short story several weeks ago.

1) There's another Wendy Young. She has a book out. It's not similar but to avoid any confusion I am considering opting for a middle initial on my work.

2) I would feel downright AWFUL if someone bought a short story thinking it was a novel so I've been considering ways to work in 'A Short Story' or 'A Novel' on all covers.

Hence, the dueling versions below.


Proposed New



Leedra said...

I like the new design. I also agree it is good to show it is a short story, or novel. Especially in the E-reader world.

Disappointed your short story still has not gotten to the NOOK yet, as of yesterday.

Jess said...

I like the idea of putting a middle initial in to reduce confusion. As an observation, I liked the all-lowercase letters on your first cover, and I noticed you went with all capital letters for your name on the revision. Is this because L could be misinterpreted? I'm curious, as I preferred the lower case initials, but I'd understand going to capitals for the middle initial reason.

Wendy said...

You really hit it there, Jess - I too love the lower case but the 'l' looks like the number one and completely interrupts the flow as it's the only 'tall' letter in lower case.....

Maybe a different font?

Leedra said...

I wondered the same thing about lower case, and like the lower case better. I would try a different font. Not sure why I don't like the capital letters, but don't really.

Mindy said...

And yet there's a certain strength in all the letters being capitalized and a feeling of confidence to your name. Does that sound weird? I remember being told to use capitals and a slightly larger font for the first initials of the name on a resume. This exciting cover is a resume of sorts, don't you think? Since you use capitals on the "A Short Story" it seems like it could work. Have you drafted up any other possibilities?

Hope things are going well for you all!

Wendy said...

Hey, Mindy!!

I have been writing the last couple of days and haven't played with it again. Will try to do that tomorrow and try your Upper/lower and size suggestion. I'm not happy with the all-caps either or I would have already posted it.

Mindy said...

...or you could always try all caps with the W, L, and Y being a larger font (if you like the look). I'm anxious to see what you decide! How exciting!

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