Saturday, April 26, 2008


I have to admit another secret. I have dabbled in fan fiction. More accurately, I am currently doing so. When I decided to return to writing I started working on my plot right away but that is a long way from the point of actually writing anything. It occurred to me that anywhere I could get practice would help me and also that the writers of Bones sure aren't going to give us the whole 9 yards of the Booth/Bones romance anytime soon. A story was born. It's fluffy and romantic and the writing is raw. But 20k+ words into it, and still not done, I feel that I am growing and learning a lot.

I thought that it would be easier than it has proven to be. On the one hand, I didn't have to create the characters or imagine any back story. Hart Hanson and his team have done both brilliantly. But on the other I had to attempt to remain true to characters I didn't create while putting them in situations that the actual writers have yet to do. I've simultaneously learned a lot about my writing and my readers.

I'm not going to link it here as I never want it to be in any way construed that I was attempting to make any gains, monetary or other, off characters I didn't create. I will admit to gains in the area of personal growth but I don't think there's a legal recourse to be had in that area. While an industrious person might be able to hunt down my story I won't render any aid.

I have at least another 10k words to write to finish my story and then I'll post more reflections here after it is done.

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# Pieces Written

Scripts - 3

4 if you count re-writing Sleeping Beauty, Hillbilly-style, in High School

Novels- 1 + .1 + .7

Can I count my 14 or so mentally composted story ideas? No? Drat.

Short Stories - 2

I'll say two officially, so far (one of those still needs to be typed up)... I lost at least 2 of my old ones and I've wiped the slate clean.

Poems- 3...4? 42?

I won awards for 3. After that I lost count.