Friday, April 25, 2008

If Thursdays are for Lost....

...then Fridays are for obsession.

Every Friday after a new LOST is spent, for me at least, filled with obsessive chatter and speculation. I arrive at work, log into GoogleTalk, open my browser and wait. I have a contingent of friends with whom I wile away the workday but only one of them watches LOST. Sadly, he now takes off every Friday (the jerk!), leaving a sad void in my day. My husband is just as rabid about LOST as I am but there are only so many bounces each idea can maintain, passing strictly between he and I.

So, today, I simply ponder. And wait. Where art thou, Daniel? PST time is no excuse! I thought of Lauren last night, along with the rest of the legion of Sawyer fanatics (of which I have no camaraderie, sorry!). E won't give me my real fix for days, at best, so I look forward to the laughs and moment-by-moment commentary Daniel provides.

In the meantime, I'll drop a few of my own thoughts about last night's episode. If you're a militant LOST fan who obsesses about each detail and conspiracy theory this is not going to satisfy you. I fall somewhere between E and my father; who loves LOST but wouldn't know a wiki if it bit him on the you know what and don't even ask him what he thinks about Smokey.


First I'll start out with a pointless beg; save Danielle. That crazy trapper chick has always been one of my favorite characters and though I knew she was about to bite it I couldn't help but hope that Jacob has some crazy plan to bring her back a la Locke. Now that that waste of breath is out of my system...on to this week.

I was happy to see a Ben flash. I guessed it was future but they left that unconfirmed at first. I must say that I am not a Ben fan but I do respect the man. He is prepared for everything, as he proves yet again later in the episode. (as long as the rules are obeyed) When he beats down 2 guys with guns using wits and a rod I was duly impressed. Who actually bought his later story that he reached the desert by boring, non-Ben means? Anyone? Anyone? I didn't think so. The man doesn't do 'normal'. I think he got to the middle of the desert in a Dharma jacket the same way a certain polar bear did and if you expect a theory as to how exactly he did that...keep searching elsewhere. I leave the theories to others and enjoy the ride and a bit of speculation.

I don't remember the ship Doc dying previously so the body washing up on the island leaves a lot of questions for me. My best guess is that maybe he came with the mercenaries? I'm interested to find out the story here but there are so many variables I really don't have a good theory. How long would it take a body to float between ship and island even if there weren't some strange time donut in the middle? And is the ship lying that the doctor is fine or could said donut have some effect that on the ship the doctor hasn't died yet? The time thing really throws me but definitely keeps the suspense up. Side note: I like it when Bernard gets to be cool. He can never die. EVER.

I know other women will hate me for this, but I was really rooting for a shocking Sawyer death. I doubt the studio execs will ever let them do it (How many women would just quit watching? Seriously.) but man it would make me happy. I just really do not like the guy. I feel bad for him, but I don't respect him and he annoys me. There, I said it. Don't hurt me too much. In the same scene I wondered if we'd finally found out how Aaron got off the island without his mother but alas that mystery lives on for another day.

The death of Ben's daughter was a surprise and...not a surprise. While every sign pointed to what was about to happen we've all been conditioned to Ben's ability to win in every situation. The most shocking part was not that they killed her, but that Ben couldn't stop it. The shock on his face mirrored our own. It's a bit flooring to watch Superbadman go wide-eyed and speechless. It was easy to wonder if he was going to sit there all day or simply go insane, shooting everyone and it became painful to watch. When he brushed past the group and locked them out of his room I couldn't decide if he had a plan or an escape. I must say though...

He had the coolest plan ever!

I love Smokey. The scene reminded me of the scene in LOTR when the trees destroy the Uru-kai army. Smokey may have taken out some good people in his time but when he comes out I am definitely cheering for him. It's been far too long since we saw that lovable little smoke bomb and he came back with a glorious vengeance.

If my Danielle beg was pointless and weak here's a stronger one: let Penelope and Desmond be together forever! We know Jack and Kate won't be lovebirds but give us Penelope and Desmond. She's devoted all her time and resources to finding him and it should pay great dividends. They are a classic romance. Lets hope they're more Odysseus and Penelope than Romeo and Juliet.

Not much else struck me about this episode. I'm excited to see what happens when they find Jacob. What will he look like this time and what will he say? And who thought Jack was being poisoned? I must confess I did, at least until I saw next week's preview.

Once more I'd like to plug E for those looking for a great LOST blog. I don't know the woman, but can you feel my love? She accomplishes a great mix of recap, review, theory and humor in an a manner easily understandable by a large audience.

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