Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Zack Script

After driving everyone, including you, nuts for months about these, Jamie and I are finally publicly releasing our Zack scripts. Hope they were worth the wait! =)

(You can see the main post about the release on Obsessed with Bones.)

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Intro for "The Man on the Roof."

Jamie proposed this idea out of her "Patty Hearstian" love of Zack. I must be honest that I do not have the same level of passion for his character, but I do have the passion for Bones, for writing, and for a good challenge. Hence, a script was born.

It became apparent rather quickly that Zack would be a case-of-the-week B-story in my script. I wanted to find a way to tell a reasonable continuation of his story but I wanted it, more than anything, to feel exactly like a real episode of the show. I needed to have the Booth/Brennan, the humor, and the feel of a weekly trip into the show.

It will be obvious to anyone who reads my script what I love most about this show. To some, you will even be able to tell exactly who my favorite character is. I really enjoyed writing it. I loved delving further into Zack, a character I'd previously enjoyed but not loved, on the same level as others. I hope I did him justice, and I hope you enjoy the whole package.

(link removed as I've decided to work it into a full novel completely independent of Bones)


Mom2ABnTB said...

I loved your story. And Zack, poor Zack :( You portrayed the whole arc very well. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I loved your script. I could see this as an epy! Even the way it looked appeared very professional. The only thing that seemd a little out of character, and maybe it's me, was I have rarely heard Booth call Brennan Temperance. But I could see DB and ED acting this out. I loved the Zack parts. It was interesting because on the offical boards the other day we were commenting how Vulcan like Zach (and Brennan) are. However, Bren had her Kirk and McCoy in Booth and Angela and they have humanized her. Zack, in the meanwhile had his Kirk and McCoy (funny how his nickname was Bones) in Hodgins and Angela, but they both seemd so wrapped up in themselves that they sort of neglected him. And Booth strayed toward working so much with Brennan and Brennan spent so much time with Booth and learning herself that they neglected Zack (and I think Booth stated this in PITH). So I think you really captured the essence of what happened to Zack. But it is a hopeful story. Excellent job! corygs

Anonymous said...

Here is another fan of your story. I agree, it really does seem like an actual episode and I was totally playing it in my head. And I think you did a wonderful job of writing each character. I bet that took a lot of hours of research (aka watching 'Bones') to capture them all so well. ;-)It is obvious that your favorite part of the show is the interaction between Brennan and Booth because you got their banter down perfectly. Oh, and all that subtext in the pie scene! ;-) Loved it. Some scenes really had me laughing out loud, especially "General Hodgins". I can totally see him act that way.

Corygs, this is just my personal opinion but I think when Booth called Brennan Temperance here it actually was the point that he very rarely does that. He only does it when he's really serious about something or trying especially hard to get through to her. She knows that, too, and that's why she doesn't want to be called it in the story here. At least that was my impression of that scene.

I really like the way you dealt with the Zack story (even though part of me still feels sorry for him), and his character must be a pain to write. ;-) Also, loved the ending.

Thanks for all the hard work you put into this and for sharing. That was truly awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to Bones so just catching up on things. I just read your script and LOVED IT! You are an excellent author. Every bit of dialog fit the characters...I could hear their voices as I read. Although I enjoyed the other person's script, I found yours more true-to-character and more engaging...and I loved the subtext! I wish I could see this script on the screen!

Wendy said...

Thanks! I am very glad you enjoyed it. I loved writing it. The characters are so much fun to write.

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