Friday, August 22, 2008

Rampant Neglect

I hereby accuse myself of neglect.

AoP is in a sad state of disuse.

I blog about Bones, I blog about health, I am just beginning to ghost-write blog. I also write, ghost write, re-write and research and write for others.

I definitely do not lack for writing.

What I do lack is time. My work doesn't have defined walls anymore. I still have a day job for 4 days a week (hopefully soon to be 3) but I have many many hours of work right here. At this computer. At home. It doesn't end at 5. It doesn't confine itself to Monday-Friday.

Do I mind?

I wouldn't say that. I know that transitioning to freelancing is exactly what I need, for both the present and the future. And I already love many things about it. I love not driving to work. I love that I can go take a walk anytime I want. I love that if I need to go to the doctor or run an errand I don't have to ask anyone for permission.

I especially love the variety of topics. In the scant 2 weeks I've been doing this I've researched and written on everything from photography, to cardio exercise, to Football (UK style). I never lack for variety of topics and that keeps it interesting.

This weekend I have 5-6 hours of work to complete my first big article job. I will get it done, turn it in Sunday and hope they hand me the next quickly.

But tonight, tonight, I will veg. Monday Mourning is calling my name.


Mom2ABnTB said...

(((big hugs)))

LH_Schneider said...

I loath and despise your industriousness and discipline . . . Having said that, I hope to be inspired by your efforts and get off my keister and do as well as you are in the freelancing venture.

As you know, I am your biggest supporter. And, you leave me no room for excuses but I'll find it in my heart to forgive you. 8^P

jeannie55 said...

I work as a freelancer myself, and I still love all the little things you mention about it. Every morning I grab my cup of coffee and stand at the window and congratulate myself for having such an awesome job. (This is especially fun when it's pouring rain outside and my warm home-office is only a few steps away.) The downside of it is, your work almost never ends; it's not like leaving the office and going home and being done with your job. That's something I had to learn, just like declining a freelance job every now and then so I wouldn't get totally consumed by work. But I'm sure you'll get the hang of that after a while. What's most important is that you love what you do, and that seems to be the case. So, you go girl! And good luck with the article.

Leedra said...

I will have to beg to differ with lh_schnieder's comment. I am you biggest supporter (after hubby). I really want this to work for you, you deserve every bit of it, and more!!!! Go girl!!!!

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