Thursday, July 3, 2008

Movie fun: I'm with Lucy

Recently ordering a few things off Amazon, I added in a $2 pickup for the movie I'm with Lucy. When you're a fan of a particular actor or actress you want to see their full work and who can resist $2 for a romantic comedy? Unless you're the romantically autistic sort...

I'm with Lucy is the story of a woman who's relationship ends dramatically in the first few minutes of the film, devastating her. Her sister is determined to get her back into the dating mix, however, and over the course of a year she dates 5 different men. All begin with blind dates and all of the men are flawed in various ways. Lucy is played by Monica Potter, and the men are played by (in order of the dates, if I remember correctly) John Hannah, Gael Garcia Bernal, Henry Thomas, Anthony LaPaglia, and David Boreanaz. (Entomologist, Playwrite, Computer Salesman, Baseball Player and Surgeon, respectively)

The movie progresses via somewhat dizzying switches between the progression of each relationship, with a few 'present' flashes as she's readying to marry the unnamed winner of her heart. After round 1, you think it's going to be David Boreanaz' surgeon. But by round 2 you, unfortunately, know exactly who she'll marry, or at least I did. And all the while I was rooting for the most unlikely character (nerd factor!) to win the day.

I had no idea when I bought the movie that Harold Ramis would be in it. I love every role I see him play. He was perfect as Egon and now he plays a string of large teddy-bear comfort figures and it totally works.

While a bit predictable at times, I would definitely recommend this movie for those who like sweet, romantic laughs.

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