Sunday, July 27, 2008

A-Team Classic Moments

I recently rediscovered a favorite show from my childhood on Hulu: The A-Team. I absolutely love this show, for so many reasons. Every character is so unique and fun:

Hannibal - Colonel John Smith; The leader; The Brains; "I love it when a plan comes together"
Faceman - The con artist; The procurer; If they need it, he gets it.
Murdoch - The pilot; The hilariously insane one
BA Baracus - The muscle; The philosopher; The caretaker of the weak

Here's one moment of many that just makes me laugh.

Face: Murdoch, what's going to happen?
Murdoch: It looks like we goin to crash.
Face: Oh c'mon, really, what's going to happen?
Murdoch: It looks like we gonna crash. And die.

This is right after Murdoch admits to Hannibal that he stole they plane they are currently using from a repair line. And that the plane is unfixed because obviously "they start to miss 'em once they been fixed."

Mr. T (B.A. Baracus) happens to be especially quotable. There's a consistent theme in the show that BA hates to fly. Every time they need him to fly they have to drug him and I enjoy all the different ways they trick him, both onto the flight, and afterwards when they try to hide it from him. BA stands for Bad Attitude and he's not afraid to show it.

In one scene from the episode I'm currently watching, they are carrying him away from the plane so he won't know he flew.

Face: Maybe it would help if we took the jewelry off.
Murdoch: No, I don't think we can. I think he's got it hooked up to a burglar alarm.

Later he figures it out and this quick exchange follows:

BA: Murdoch crashed the plane, didn't he?
Murdoch: No, no no no no no. I simply relocated the aircraft with extreme prejudice because of a total loss of thrust and lift functions!
BA: You crashed it, sucka!

BA: BA Baracus gonna take that lie outta each and every one a your hides.

I could really go on forever. It's a hilarious and highly quotable show. I recommend it to everyone.

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