Monday, July 28, 2008

Pillow Talk

No, not that kind. Sorry!
That kind.

We've talked pillows for a very long time. For the nearly 3 years of our marriage we have used pillows that my husband had before he met me. Flat and shapeless do not begin to describe. Something had to change, and the pillow talk began.

2 years ago.

We talked, we poked, we prodded, we even bought one a time or two but they barely made it out of the package before being returned. Enough is enough though, and this weekend we set out to hit Bed Bath and Beyond and not leave without new pillows, no matter the cost.

We got out surprisingly cheap, in the end. We squished and fluffed a long row of selections and walked out with 2 new pillows. (We actually walked right back into the store to look at sheets, but that's another story entirely.)

So. We get them home. Our old sheets were in the wash at the time so the new pillows, freshly de-bagged, sat perkily in their new spots with the bed spread beneath. Thoughts?

Wow those things are huge...

After a bit, the sheets are done and my husband makes the bed. I pass through the room again to see the new pillows looking not unlike a large sack of potatoes stuffed into a tiny bag. More foreshadowing, completely missed. But, I'll skip ahead a bit: bed time.

The sack of potatoes simile returns here, if not for texture, definitely for size. Huge is an understatement. I've never heard so much pillow punching. Shift. Beat pillow. Shift. Shift. Vigorously beat pillow. Rinse and repeat. Night 2 wasn't quite as bad. But it is a reasonable possibility that I was too tired from the previous restless night to care.

So, I for one, am left hoping the flatten quickly. But only a little. Is it possible to find the perfect pillow, that stays perfect for a reasonable amount of time?

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Leedra said...

I don't know about the flattening, but you sure made me laugh. I needed it today. I just was not sure which of you was punching the pillows (or both). Either way, I got my good laugh. Might keep me laughing for awhile yet.

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