Sunday, May 25, 2008

Buffywatch: When you have trouble liking the main character...

My husband and I have now finished watching Buffy and Angel through the ends of Seasons 4 and 1 respectively. Comparing between the two shows I have seen a few things but one really stands out:

I really don't like Buffy.

I love both shows, and I think Sarah Michelle Gellar does a wonderful job but when it comes right down to the character I just...don't like her. Seeing Angel brought that into focus. Angel is a tragic hero but he bears that with grace and strength. Buffy is in some ways equally tragic as Angel but in many ways she's got it much better. Yet she is barely more than a spoiled brat most of the time. And much of her tragedy she brings upon herself. She listens to no one at some crucial moments and can easily get in the way of solutions.

I hope I like her more in the end.


Auntiemame said...

i just got done watching all 7 seasons for the first time. and i'm mid angel....i'd say keep watching. i think the word you are looking for his righteous. i kinda found the same thing at first. give her time is all i can say:D

Helen said...

I loved it when I was 15. Things have changed! Although I must admit, I was very surprised to find that i liked Bones... so you never know!

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