Friday, May 23, 2008

To pick a theme...

Picking a template/theme on my Bones blog was easy. As it deals with professional content it is best to keep the layout clean and simple. But here...this is more like my surroundings, my virtual home. I want it to reflect me. Only I can't find a good 'mirror' out there, so to speak.

I like old things - old farm buildings, old pictures, old cars. Anything with a fantastic vintage feel. I like flowers of all kinds. I like quilts, old styles of dress from turn of the century through the 50s, old leather bound'd think with such broad ideas it would be easy to find something.


I have flipped this template many times. I've tried this one, this one, this one, this one and this one. Likely as not, you're looking at one of those right now. I find her templates to be creative and of high importance - they don't break important parts of the blog. Some do. So I'm leery where I find templates because of just that reason.

Why not make my own? See I have this problem. I WRITE. A lot. I write for my novel, I write for my TV script, I write for this blog, and this blog, and I write comments here and emails to this guy and chat with this person. I have no patience left for painstaking image work and composition.

There is no point to this other than to look each at rock and hard place and congratulate them on a job well done.

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# Pieces Written

Scripts - 3

4 if you count re-writing Sleeping Beauty, Hillbilly-style, in High School

Novels- 1 + .1 + .7

Can I count my 14 or so mentally composted story ideas? No? Drat.

Short Stories - 2

I'll say two officially, so far (one of those still needs to be typed up)... I lost at least 2 of my old ones and I've wiped the slate clean.

Poems- 3...4? 42?

I won awards for 3. After that I lost count.